Here’s what some of our community members have said about Jane.

“Eastsiders need Jane Prince to represent us at City Hall.  Jane’s leadership will help guide the East Side in its important partnership with Metro State University.”
-Dr. Neal Thao, Metropolitan State University Associate Professor, Chair, and Program Director for Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work

“I have known Jane for 30 years she is very fair and community minded. She is a person I would ask to help with the hard projects, because she would always be looking out for the good of our community. With Jane’s past job experience as a Saint Paul Planning and Economic Development employee, then legislative aide to Ward 4 City Council person for 9 years and now a lawyer – she will be able to hit the ground running for our neighborhoods. Kathy Lantry has done a wonderful job for our community and Jane will be able keep good work going.”
-Karin DuPaul, retired community organizer, Dayton’s Bluff Community Council

We are lucky to have good candidates in Ward 7, but for me Jane Prince stands out as the obvious and best choice, thanks to factors like these:

    • She can hit the ground running, with no learning curve as to how city government and the City Council actually work, because she has already had ten years’ experience as the legislative Aide for Ward 4 and Jay Benanav.
    • Even though she may be the sweetest person in Mounds Park, she has a reputation for determination in fighting for us citizens within the scope of the city’s various departments, such as PED, HRA or Public Works.
    • Her dedication to quality of life is reflected in her ongoing work to better our neighborhoods with efforts including chairing the East Seventh Neighborhood Task Force and negotiating with Metro State University to reduce the impact of their parking ramp and make it more of a community asset
    • She and husband Dave have lived here for over thirty years, thus earning her the enviable title of “Eastsider.”
    • She is sensibly progressive but seriously down-to-business about the issues that affect our lives on the East Side.
  • Having served as the Chair of the Saint Paul DFL she has the knowledge, contacts and skills to bring consensus and involvement.
    -Bob Parker, Ward 6 co-founder

“I have known Jane for more than 25 years as a fellow Eastsider. She has always made sure elected officials in and out of city hall know our needs and wants. Jane’s dedication to the Eastside is one of many reasons I strongly support Jane for Ward 7 City Council.”
-Jayne Lallier, former resident of Ward 7

“Jane’s care and concern for the residents of St. Paul is evident by her connection to so many people.  Jane always knows exactly who to call, from her extensive circle of friends and associates.  I can’t imagine a better candidate for St. Paul city council!”
-Jules Johnson

“Jane is exactly the kind of leader that St. Paul needs. She has a rich, comprehensive knowledge of the city itself, not only understanding the terrain of the city’s development, but helping to shape that terrain through her work as an aide to the Ward 4 City Councilperson. I’ve worked with Jane on a couple of different civic and political projects, and she always emerges as a leader, someone able to truly listen to and understand the competing needs of all parties. I’ve seen her completely try to understand the perspective of someone with whom she disagrees, digging into the details of the concern so that she can see beyond her own perspective to the other’s. That’s a tremendous skill and the type of cooperation and communication good leaders model for the rest of us. I want to live in a city where my leaders are committed to the greater good of their communities and not to their own interests. I want to live in a city with leaders like Jane Prince.”
-Mary Petrie, author and college professor