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Jane Prince has been an active resident of St. Paul’s Ward 7 since 1984 when she and her husband purchased their family home in Mounds Park neighborhood. Elected to St. Paul’s City Council in 2015, Jane passionately and effectively serves her neighbors in Ward 7’s diverse neighborhoods.

Faced in 2016 with two shuttered and one demolished recreation centers since 2008, Jane spearheaded the reopening of Eastview Rec as the headquarters of Saint Paul Urban Tennis. And Highwood Hills will reopen in 2019, restoring a community gathering space for families, and providing more safe places for East Side kids to connect with caring adults.

Jane has worked hard to support East Side businesses through the city’s Open For Business initiative.  And perhaps most importantly, Jane constantly reminds East Side neighbors to demand the services that her community deserves.  Jane’s Ward 7 office puts a premium on prompt responses to constituents, working with individuals and the community to craft effective solutions.

Jane is proud to be endorsed by the St. Paul DFL and other important organizations. Click here for a full list of Jane’s endorsements.