Jane is fighting for the East Side and fighting for YOU. 

Jane Prince has been an active resident of St. Paul’s Ward 7 since 1984 when she and her husband purchased their family home in Mounds Park neighborhood. Elected to St. Paul’s City Council in 2015, Jane passionately and effectively serves her neighbors in Ward 7’s diverse neighborhoods.

Why Jane?

  • Jane spearheaded the reopening of the Eastview Rec Center and Highwood Hills Rec Center. Both shuttered since 2008, they are now thriving community spaces for our kids and families.
  • Jane secured funding to rebuild Fire State 7 to keep Ward 7 safe.
  • Jane voted against the city garbage contact, because it was costly, discouraged waste reduction, and led to the buy-out of 10 small local haulers.
  • Jane fought excessive, bureaucratic regulations to help small and immigrant owned businesses open and prosper on the East Side.
  • Jane is addressing the city’s housing crisis head-on for the children and families in St. Paul. No child in St. Paul should experience the trauma of homelessness.

Jane wants to hear from YOU as a fellow East Sider.

Call (651)308-4984 or e-mail [email protected] to voice your ideas and concerns to help craft effective solutions to the issues facing our community in St. Paul’s Ward 7.

Jane is proud to be endorsed by the St. Paul DFL and other important organizations. Click here for a full list of Jane’s endorsements.